Her Heart, His Only Home

A man of simple needs and few words,
he held no malice in his heart. 
The hidden nook he built for himself in the clock tower
was stacked with books which left no room for dreams or dragons. 
Absorbed in his world of peculiar maps and foreign script,
he asked for little in life,
except for permission to love her. 

Now… she was born to wander
and came to him from a place vast as the sky. 
She thrived in traversing a wilderness
that stretched across time and space.
Her heart, carried safely within her, was a sacred place.
And thus, she chose carefully who would enter this sanctum. 

But in his carefully ordered routine she found solace. 
So, she welcomed him into her heart,
providing a space that was his alone. 
She silently promised him the very things he’d already given her. 
She’d tread softly and ask no questions. 
She knew her velvet heart was his only home.

9" x 12"
Archival ink, Prismacolor ink and watercolor on Strathmore paper

To purchase the original art kindly contact the artist.
Also available in limited edition giclee prints.