This Time, That Place 800x.jpg

This Time, That Place

Standing here, everything seems different.
Looking ‘round, nothing’s really changed.
Can it be between one breath and another
an entire world’s been rearranged?

Things came apart, with nothing left to hold them.
Yet here they are, falling into place.
What happened then hardly seems to matter.
No blame, or shame, it all has been erased.

I recall the walls we built between us.
The rocks were yours and the mortar was mine.
Nothing’s left but a patch of scattered rubble
and the fragrance of lavender and pine.

So long ago, my prayers were filled with questions.
Year after year, no answers came my way.
Now I see I was asking the wrong questions.
My unspoken prayer was answered here today.

6 3/4" x 9 1/8"
Archival ink, watercolor and colored pencil on cotton rag paper

To purchase the original art kindly contact the artist.
Also available in limited edition giclee prints.