We Come as One

Somewhere, between day and night,
as the fledgling tucks her beak beneath ruffled wings …

Someplace, between yesterday and tomorrow,
as the gold-dusted honey bee returns to the hive …

Somehow, between certainty and doubt, 
as the fawn waits out the field storm in peace and stillness …

Someway, between joy and sorrow,
as the baby is born and a refugee breathes his last an ocean away …

We find our way.

Something sacred, Something holy
arrives without a word
the instant we turn a corner,
settling upon the deepest shadows, 
alighting softly,
like the hand of grace upon a quivering heart.

We come as one. 
We are one footstep
crossing the threshold that brings us Home.


21 3/4" x 35"

Archival inks, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper.


Available in limited edition giclee prints.