Tender Mercies

She called his name and Mercy answered.
It took a while,
but what is time but a learning curve
on life’s winding journey?

It never mattered who was at fault,
what was spoken, or what was done.

Both were wrong, and both were right.

One day he left his ego hanging
like an icicle in the sunshine,
and she forgot to care about the outcome.

And so, they rested.
Beyond the battle ground, another world awaited them.

He would ask nothing of her there,
and with awe and reverence,
witness how her loving heart blossomed
and her radiance burned the shadows dry.

She would release her need of him,
and discover him anew as a helpmate and fellow pilgrim,
as the wildflower where her deepest appreciation flourished.

With his eyes, he traced forgiveness on her lips.
With each pulse of her heart

she drummed the song of her return.

16" x 32"
Archival inks, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper

To purchase the original art kindly contact the artist.
Also available in limited edition giclee prints.