The Mermaid's Secret

The sea was angry that day.
Strong and fearless, she was not amused.
In an instant she would disappear
into those flashing waters…
down, down…
perhaps to skim the ocean floor
where the pirate ship rested,
its trove known to her alone.

On second thought,
today she will swim the endless tunnels
of her Lover’s veins.
In the end it’s all the same.
With every treasure
she found a certain calm
the deeper she did go.

© 2013
9" x 12"
Archival inks and watercolor on premium paper

Charles Vickery Award for Best in Theme, Sailor's Delight Exhibition, La Grange Art League Gallery, January 2016. 
First Place, Brigantine Fine Art Gallery, Downers Grove, Illinois, May 2015.

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Also available in limited edition giclee prints.